Taking Reservations for Spring 2023 Litters 

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Each member of our family has their own Chessy that lives, works, plays, and hunts with us. We are not a large kennel and each of our dogs are treasured family members. Puppies are hand-raised, and are taken for multiple daily exploration walks. They learn to play, sniff, swim, explore, and love people at the youngest age!

Our Puppies Receive the BEST POSSIBLE start in life!



Service Dogs

Living, working, and playing with our Chesapeakes on our farm in Western NY the Bobseine Family has been raising the world's finest Family, Hunting, and Companion dogs for over 30 years.  
We're not just passionate about our dogs, we're passionate about the people that love them.

With our dogs in over thirty states, serving their families as best friends, hunting partners, protectors, and baby-sitters, we have hundreds of happy Chessy parents.  

"Sparrow is the love of this family. She is my daughters constant companion , and devoted to my wife and new baby. Unlike most of the dogs in my life when I speak to her she will look me in the eye and rarely take her gaze elsewhere. I love that! She is becoming a retriever everyday. Now that my shoulder is feeling better it’s time to take her in the scull boat and see about finding some birds to look at . Thank you again!
The Hill Family